Witch and Council : Idle RPG

Witch and Council : Idle RPG

MOD APK (Damage/Speed Multiplier, Money)

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Free Download Witch and Council: Idle RPG Mod APK for Android. Witch and Council: Idle RPG has captured the attention of mobile gamers with its immersive storyline and diverse cast of council personalities. In this article, we delve into the modded version of the game, which offers users a premium, ad-free experience.

Unraveling the Compelling Backstory

Witch and Council: Idle RPG unfolds a captivating narrative in a rich fantasy world teeming with witches, warlocks, and magical adventures. The modded version enhances the gaming experience by providing users with a premium and ad-free APK for Android.

Mod Features for Enhanced Gameplay

The Witch and Council MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Gold) introduces players to an idle RPG with enticing features. The mod ensures a seamless experience, allowing players to explore the game's diverse equipment system and rich item collection without interruptions from advertisements.

The Magical World of Witch and Council

Set in a fantastical universe, the game introduces Lulu, who becomes the victim of a student president's attack. Players embark on an epic journey to reclaim Lulu's mother's necklace and confront the challenges posed by the student president. The modded APK enhances the gameplay, providing an optimal environment for accelerated progress.

Downloading the 2024 Mod APK

Users can find the download link for the Witch and Council: Idle RPG Mod APK on our website. It is recommended that they follow the provided instructions to ensure the smooth installation and functionality of the mod on their devices.

Exploring the Diverse Equipment System

One of the highlights of Witch and Council: Idle RPG is its extensive equipment system and item variety. The modded version further enriches this aspect, offering players various tools and items to enhance their gaming experience. The game's intricacies are unlocked for users to enjoy without reducing currency use.

Continuous Updates and Quality Assurance

The Witch and Council modding community is dedicated to providing users with reliable and quality modifications. Players can rest assured that they are downloading a version that has undergone thorough testing and quality assurance. Regular updates keep the mod in sync with the latest features and improvements introduced by the developers.

Enjoying an Easy Idle RPG Experience

Witch and Council: Idle RPG Mod offers a user-friendly and easy idle RPG experience. Players can dive straight into the game and enjoy the enhancements provided by the mod without any hassle. The mod ensures a smooth and uninterrupted gaming session for users.


For Witch and Council: Idle RPG fans, the modded APK presents an enticing opportunity to elevate their device gaming experience. With a premium, ad-free environment and enhanced features, players can immerse themselves in the magical world of witches and councils without interruptions. Downloading and installing the mod is a straightforward process, unlocking the full potential of this captivating idle RPG adventure.


Updated OnMarch 28, 2024

Latest Release

Witch and Council - Idle RPG v1.0.39


MOD APK (Damage/Speed Multiplier, Money)

Version History

Witch and Council - Idle RPG v1.0.38


MOD APK (Damage/Speed Multiplier, Money)

Witch and Council - Idle RPG v1.0.30


MOD APK (Damage/Speed Multiplier, Money)

Witch and Council - Idle RPG v1.0.25


MOD APK (Damage/Speed Multiplier, Money)

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