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It is an Android game that promises a magical adventure, challenging puzzles, and the opportunity to evolve your dragon army. Developed by FMGames and released on December 25, 2019, this game offers an immersive experience that will captivate players of all ages.

Discovering the Developers: Who Created This Fantasy World?

FMGames, a prominent game development studio, has crafted an intricate and visually stunning world for players to explore. With their expertise, they have woven a compelling narrative and designed engaging gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Gameplay

Now that we've met the creators, it's time to dive into the heart of the game – its gameplay. The game offers a unique gaming experience combining strategy, puzzle-solving, and nurturing elements. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Hatch and Raise Dragons

Your journey begins with hatching dragon eggs. As you nurture and merge dragons, you'll increase your dragon power, which is crucial for reclaiming the gardens of Deltora.

Match and Merge

Match three similar items to evolve into better ones. Strategically merge Terra Statues to heal the land and earn level rewards for your Deltora garden.

Fight Zombie Orcs

Confront Monster Zombie Orcs in challenging puzzle levels to discover hidden treasures. Your skills will be tested as you solve mysteries at each level.

Trade and Interact

Engage with a traveling salesperson who can aid you on your journey. Complete daily quests to win valuable items to enhance your world.

Connect with Friends

Stay social by connecting with friends, joining a House, and creating teams to play together. Collaboration and camaraderie are key to success.

Explore and Expand

Continue your adventure by participating in events to acquire new dragons and items for your Deltora farm. The game continually evolves with improved art, graphics, and more levels to explore.

Exploring Game Modes

The game offers various game modes to keep players engaged. Each mode provides a unique experience, ensuring boredom is a thing of the past. Let's take a closer look:

Collect Dragons

Merge dragon eggs to hatch baby dragons, combine dragons to increase your dragon power, and build your dragon army. Clear the Dark Smog to protect the dragon's home.

Match and Merge

Discover and combine incredible items to enhance your arsenal. Evolve items by matching three identical ones to create better tools.

Social Perks

Embrace the social aspect by connecting with friends, sharing strategies, and forming teams. Engage in gift exchanges and climb the leaderboard to become a champion.

Building Your Garden

Raise various dragon breeds, harvest Life Elixir from Heart Blooms and Heart Trees, and heal the land to reclaim the dragon's home. Decorate your garden with a variety of beautiful and useful items.

Test Your Puzzle Solving Skills

Seek hidden Dragon Eggs, plan your moves wisely to solve tricky puzzles, and lead your dragons to victory against the fire-blazing zombie orcs. Completing quests will earn you stars and farm rewards.

Tips for Success

To thrive in the game, here are some tips that can help you on your journey to becoming a formidable Dragon Master:


Plan your moves carefully during puzzles to maximize your chances of success. Efficient merging and thoughtful matching are keys to victory.


Join or create a team, connect with friends, and share strategies. Collaboration with fellow dragon masters can unlock unique benefits and rewards.

Explore Regularly

Keep an eye out for new updates and events, as they often introduce fresh challenges, dragons, and items for your farm.

Nurture Your Dragons

Take good care of them and prioritize raising their power. Strong dragons are essential for conquering the Dark Smog and protecting Deltora.

Summarizing the Features

It is a game that offers a multitude of features, ensuring an engaging and ever-evolving gaming experience:

  • Hatch, raise and merge dragons to build your dragon army.
  • Match and merge items to create powerful tools.
  • Socialize, collaborate, and compete with friends and fellow players.
  • Reclaim and decorate your garden with an array of items.
  • Test your puzzle-solving skills at challenging levels.
  • Embark on a quest to defeat the formidable zombie orcs and earn rewards.
  • Explore new dragon breeds, items, and levels with each update.


Dragon World is a mobile gaming gem that combines captivating storytelling with challenging puzzles and social interaction. With its unique gameplay modes and the constant addition of fresh content, the game will surely keep players enthralled for hours on end. The fate of the magical empire of Deltora lies in your hands.


Updated OnMay 29, 2024
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MOD APK (High Star Count, No ADS)

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Dragon World v0.88


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MOD APK (High Star Count, No ADS)

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